18 Before ’18 – Goal setting for the new year

  Happy New Year gang! How’s your head today? Sore, I hope! As Christmastime and the new year period is famously a time for overindulgence, I have spent the last few days in a food coma, lying on my sofa with a plate of cheese in one hand and an festive beverage in the other.… Continue reading 18 Before ’18 – Goal setting for the new year

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A Crafty Update

Hey gang! Long time no speak, right?! You know that feeling where you know you’ve forgotten something but you can’t put your finger on what’s wrong? Well, that’s how I got with this blog. I feel like I’m constantly knee deep in work assignments, keeping in touch with friends, seeing family, trying to keep up… Continue reading A Crafty Update

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I Am Malala – YA Edition Book Review

Malala. A name that is known throughout the world. An activist, a hero, the youngest ever recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, but above all else? A teenage girl. I am Malala: How one girl stood up for education and changed the world  is the Young Adult novel that stems from the 2013 I am… Continue reading I Am Malala – YA Edition Book Review

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The Keeper – Review

The Keeper – Book Review I’ll admit that I have been the worst at keeping up with this blog. But with starting a new job and commuting for 4 hours a day, needless to say I’ve been preoccupied! Though, all that commuting time has meant I have been lucky enough to read 10 books this… Continue reading The Keeper – Review

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Creating Typography Prints on Illustrator

I just love fiddling about on my laptop and finding out things, don’t you? Like I just google something and then 3 hours later I’m 50 pages deep into Wikipedia, reading about the history of the London Underground and learning how to crochet. Some people call it procrastination, I call it self improvement. But I like… Continue reading Creating Typography Prints on Illustrator

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Top Tips for the Job Hunt

So you’ve finished university, hopefully got a great degree and some amazing memories to leave with, congratulations! But your parents are breathing down your neck and every time they come home you’re still in your pajamas, crisp crumbs all down your front – hardly the image of grad life you had in your mind. So… Continue reading Top Tips for the Job Hunt

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10 Things A University Student Can / Should Do Over The Summer

Hooray! You’ve handed in that last assignment, finished that last exam… And that was in June. It’s August now and you’ve watched everything you could ever dream of on Netflix and you’ve even got to that dark place where you can’t even watch a re-run of Friends. But what other things are there to do… Continue reading 10 Things A University Student Can / Should Do Over The Summer