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Introducing: AK Stitch Studio


Etsy BannerFor years now I have lusted over trinkets, homewares and art on Etsy. And for nearly the same amount of time I wanted to be a part of that community. So, this month I finally took the plunge. Introducing: AK Stitch Studio.

If you follow me on my personal Instagram, it won’t come as a shock to you that I am somewhat crafty. Ever since I can remember I have dabbled in art of some form, from copying out pictures of my favourite Disney characters to my most recent hobby – embroidery and cross stitch.


My primary reason for taking up cross stitch was to combat anxiety whilst at university and it has become even more important to use this hobby as a way to escape(and a way to binge watch countless TV shows) since I have entered the working world, because that sh*t is tough!

The result? Sassy cross stitches and minimalist embroidery.IMG_46862.jpg

All of the pieces in this post are available in the shop, so if anything takes your fancy please take a look – and make sure to favourite the shop so you know when I’ve released the next set of designs.

I am also always ready and willing to create your custom designs – message me on here or on Etsy to find out more!

Have a great Sunday!


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