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My Morning Miracles

So last week I told you all about how to ensure you have the best night’s sleep possible, and today I’m hoping to find you rested, relaxed and ready for the next installment – how to embrace your morning routine!

I shared with you my woes of how I was constantly getting enough sleep yet the morning’s still weren’t cooperating with me. I was waking up with enough sleep but with not enough time, leaving me to feel lethargic, rushed and anxious. For too long I’d been seeing the quote below and wanting to act (and to be Beyoncé but that’s another story). So let me tell you how I got started on a routine that worked for me.

Like all millennials, when I had a problem I instantly tried to solve it with the internet.


I began googling and looking deeper into something I had seen in many people’s bullet journals – the Miracle Morning. Instantly, I wanted to know more.

A miracle? In the morning? Now that sounded like just what I needed in my life right now.

For those that don’t know, the concept of the miracle morning was created by Hal Elrod in his book ‘The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM)”.

The Mircale Morning is basically a morning ritual, something that was desperately missing from my life (unless you count panicking about having nothing to wear and hoping that dunking two digestives in my morning brew could count as breakfast is a morning ritual).

Miracle Morning is slightly more complex, and follows the acronym SAVERS:

  1. Silence – such as meditation, deep breathing or prayer
  2. Affirmations – a list of positive affirmations that remind you what you’re moving towards
  3. Visualization – visualizing yourself reaching the end goal, focusing on living your fullest potential
  4. Exercise – movement is key to boosting mental clarity
  5. Read – read at least a chapter on a topic that will help personal growth
  6. Journal – writing captures ideas and lessons learned, a time to reflect

Sounds like a lot huh? Well, Hal Elrod knows we’re busy and is often asked how long the morning ritual should take. So I have scaled mine down and rolled it back, and found out what works for me.

Though I rarely meditate, I take time to deep breathe and turn to my trusted Bullet Journal to see what I need to accomplish that day.

My exercise is exclusively yoga or pilates, I am in love with the SworkIt app, and would fully recommend it to anyone. Bite-sized chunks of easy to follow exercise? YES PLEASE.

I lay out all my clothes the night before and eat breakfast at work so that after completing SAVERS i can get dressed painlessly, have time for a cup of tea and a scroll of Twitter.

Honest, I #flatlay my clothes every day (did I fool ya?)

But saying that, to complete all of the morning routine I do, it does mean I choose to wake up at 5.30am. Some of you will be shrieking at that, I know! But as a morning person it isn’t so bad, and it means I have a lot of time to get myself into gear.


There is nothing better than combining a stress-free evening routine with an even easier morning one! It means I feel vaguely accomplished by the time I get to work and am actually mentally and physically awake, for once!

Have you adopted any new routines this year? What works for you?


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