18 Before ’18 – Goal setting for the new year


featured-imageHappy New Year gang! How’s your head today? Sore, I hope!

As Christmastime and the new year period is famously a time for overindulgence, I have spent the last few days in a food coma, lying on my sofa with a plate of cheese in one hand and an festive beverage in the other. I love Christmas for the lack of shame everyone has for engaging in this type of behaviour. However, after following a fairly strict diet for most of 2016, all this consumption has left me feeling slightly gross – both physically and mentally. So yesterday, I woke up with only one task on my to-do list – to come up with my goals for 2017. Obviously, I headed to Pinterest which was overfilling with ideas, and I stumbled across the idea of ’18 before 18′. What is it? The idea is simple, set eighteen goals to accomplish before 2018. At first, I was sure I would not be able to come up with EIGHTEEN goals, it’s surely too hard to come up with that many let alone actually accomplish them. But then, as I started brainstorming (in my shiny new Leuchtturm 1917 – post on that coming up soon!) I was struck by inspiration, why don’t I set goals that are actually fun, for once?

I know what you’re either thinking DUH c’mon Abi, that’s obviously the key to success. Or you’re in the other camp, the one I was in, and thought that goals should only be about self-improvement, not fun. Typically, I agree, and that is why for at least the last decade often the only item on my New Years’ Resolution list has been to Stop. Biting. My. Nails.

But this year I have changed it up, I have set myself goals in every area of my life, from health to work to crafting. I have a mix of goals that will inspire me to break out of my comfort zone (such as cooking a new meal every week), to things that I attempted last year and want to improve on, and track more effectively (such as not eating junk food for 100 days over the year and reading fifty-two books).

So, in the hope that posting it on here will leave me more accountable (and because more regular posting on here is one of the goals!), without further ado, here’s my 18 before ‘18 list:

  1. Visit two new countries
  2. Write more blogs!
  3. Expand my career
  4. Spend less money going out for dinner
  5. Move out of my childhood home for good
  6. Save £3000
  7. Film ‘1 Second Everyday’ …everyday
  8. Read fifty-two books
  9. Watch twenty seasons of TV shows
  10. Watch 100 films
  11. Cook a new recipe every week
  12. Go without junk food for 100 days
  13. Expand my knowledge of HTML + CSS
  14. Visit three new cities in England
  15. Finally finish (okay, start…) 2016’s scrapbooks
  16. One new cross stitch a month
  17. Reach your goal weight
  18. Biting. My. Nails. (Of course this one had to make an appearance).

So, do you set goals or do you think they’re nonsense? Leave me a comment and let me know! And a happy new year to you all!


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