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A Crafty Update

Hey gang!

Long time no speak, right?! You know that feeling where you know you’ve forgotten something but you can’t put your finger on what’s wrong? Well, that’s how I got with this blog. I feel like I’m constantly knee deep in work assignments, keeping in touch with friends, seeing family, trying to keep up with all the many many shows and podcasts I watch/listen to, and crafting. And for a bit I was thinking “there’s definitely something I’m missing, but what is it?”…. Fast forward to today, when I suddenly had an “OH CRAP I HAVE A BLOG” moment; that it’s been this little piece of the internet I’d forgotten. So guess who’s back. Back again. Abi’s back. Tell a friend.

So, here is the 90s movie boy meets girl montage of what’s been happening in my life over the past year:

  • I survived the job hunt (with a little help from this post of mine) and got my first proper adult job
  • I was lucky enough to do some small road trips in England to see the sights and visit friends. Amongst others, I visited Frome, Manchester, Liverpool, Brighton and Bristol
  • I saw Germany for the first time by spending a weekend away in Berlin
  • I started a bullet journal, and it full on changed my life you guys
  • I decided to do something about my weight gain and lost over a stone and a half
  • I restarted driving lessons after five years, and finally passed my driving test and bought my first car!
  • I went to my first music festival in years: the fantastic Green Man


Many of these deserve their own posts, and don’t you worry, I’ll be getting round to them very very soon.


Until then, here’s a little embroidery I slaved over the other day when I had a spare couple of hours to learn a few new stitches:



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