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The Keeper – Review

The Keeper – Book Review

I’ll admit that I have been the worst at keeping up with this blog. But with starting a new job and commuting for 4 hours a day, needless to say I’ve been preoccupied! Though, all that commuting time has meant I have been lucky enough to read 10 books this past month. One of which is The Keeper by David Baldacci. The second book in the Vega Jane series, Baldacci takes us on a journey as Vega tries to discover the truth about her world.

Full disclosure: I’ve not read the first book in the Vega Jane series, but I definitely will be as soon as I get a chance! Jumping into a series at the second book probably isn’t the wisest move, but Baldacci makes it easy for you, whilst not alienating any fans of the series. You’re thrown into the action straight away, Vega Jane, our heroine, with the help of Delph and Harry Two, is fighting her way through the Quag, the mysterious place they thought no one could survive. But can Vega Jane? Well, you’ll have to read it and find out.

Constantly risking her life, Vega Jane is a heroine that pulls no punches, and Delph and Harry Two are nuanced secondary characters. If you need a light read, I would definitely recommend the Keeper, but for full clarity, I would definitely suggest if you’re going to read a series, you need to start at the beginning – pick up The Finisher and start the Vega Jane series correctly!

Firmly in the YA genre, this fantastical journey ticks all the boxes for an action filled book. Having never read a Baldacci book, I wasn’t aware of how different the style is from his usual, which is a complaint noted by a few online reviews. That being said, surely successfully altering your prose style is the make of a good author. I went into The Keeper completely blind and wasn’t disappointed by Baldacci’s choice of genre.

Though I enjoyed the read and did connect with Vega Jane, Baldacci’s reliance on some tropes of the fantasy genre are a bit trying. Superfluous changing of words for average items really wasn’t necessary and did hinder the flow of the book in my opinion. However, this may be something I could have been more comfortable with had I been more entrenched within the Vega Jane series. I think this is definitely a YA book for the Y’s rather than the A’s, so bear that in mind if you’re a prospective reader.

That being said, I thought Baldacci’s The Keeper was engaging, and left enough intrigue that I will definitely be reading the next installment in the VJ series.

Watch the trailer here:

*NB: I was given a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review*

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