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Creating Typography Prints on Illustrator

I just love fiddling about on my laptop and finding out things, don’t you? Like I just google something and then 3 hours later I’m 50 pages deep into Wikipedia, reading about the history of the London Underground and learning how to crochet. Some people call it procrastination, I call it self improvement.

But I like learning about tangible stuff too, especially stuff internet related. The first time I can remember learning these kind of things was back when I was in my emo phase and was a big deal on MySpace. Tragic, I know. But in order to jazz up my profile, I learnt basic html coding and learnt how to use photoshop to make all my images for my page. Wow it looked snazzy, very minimalist, very intricate. Even years on, I am gutted that MySpace reinvented itself and got rid of it’s code. But anyway, moral of the story is that because of being an emo I know how to use Photoshop and write html. 

So this year, I was a MA student and very poor, due to the lack of funding for postgrads, and it was coming close to Christmas. I was already making a LOT of cross stitches for people, which is very unsurprising for followers of this blog. But, I got distracted by lots of prints on Pinterest, and realised, yknow what? I can do that too. Remembering that my housemate had randomly told me his favourite quote, I downloaded Illustrator and put my good ol’ Adobe knowledge to good use.

Adobe Illustrator How To PrintAnd here’s the final product! Using textures and some free downloadable fonts and flourishes and what seemed like HOURS of fiddling, this is what I eventually made! (Ignore the little white bits, I’m not sure where they came from but they definitely aren’t on the final product). I really adore that kind of distressed look that I put on the top of it, gives it a bit of a wild wild west look, don’t you think?

BTW, my next venture is into hand lettering… When I was younger I was heavily into calligraphy for a while, which was pretty embarrassing for a 12 year old, but now?! I love it again, and have been experimenting with hand lettering with normal pens and working on my ligatures and whatnot! So stay tuned for some posts about them in the near future!

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