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10 Things A University Student Can / Should Do Over The Summer

Hooray! You’ve handed in that last assignment, finished that last exam… And that was in June. It’s August now and you’ve watched everything you could ever dream of on Netflix and you’ve even got to that dark place where you can’t even watch a re-run of Friends. But what other things are there to do over the summer? Well, here I am to give you 10 amount of things that you can do to take away the boredom, and hopefully set you up for the next year of Uni or (ah!) help you in later life.

  1. Meet up with your old housemates/soon to be new housemates

saved by the bell reunion gif

Are you moving in with people you’ve lived with before? Or are you going to be living with coursemates or other friends you’ve not lived with before? Either way, you might not have had a chance to catch up with them all over the summer, and this is a great time to organise a little meet up, or even a group Skype or Google + session, just to all catch up and find out who’s bringing the frying pans next year!

  1. Start on that reading list

morticia adams reading

I know, it’s the summer, why would you want to be doing work?! But TRUST ME. As soon as you go back there’ll be more nights out, there’ll be the incentive to take naps and to accidentally miss your 9am lecture – we’ve all been there. But you’ve got days and days ahead of you, why not spend an hour or so checking through what books you need for next year and if you can get them online, just have a small read, just so you’re on top of things come September. This is something I always swore by, and felt a lot less daunted than my friends who didn’t pick up a book all summer.

  1. Get volunteering

volunteer volunteering katniss

We all hear it, Degrees don’t mean what they used to, you can’t get anywhere without extra experience. And I am speaking from experience here!!! I wasted a lot of my summer and then I found it so hard to find a placement and now I’m in the great big job search, and it is HARD to boost your CV when you don’t have much experience.

  1. Take on a part time job (in a field you’re interested in)

Dog office gif

This is similar to point three tbh. But if you’re not in a position to give up your time for free, then that’s fine! But staying at home all day every day gets so dull so take on a part time job for about 12 hours a day, and you can basically blag the transferrable skills you’ve got from it on your CV!

  1. Start a blog

This is two fold – if you’re like me and want to go into something creative, then fantastic you have a free way to get all your musings down and get them into the big wide world. If you don’t… well think of a blog like an online journal, write about all of your memories from first year, post pictures from that trip you took to the beach… you’ll love it to look back on when you finish uni and even when you’re old and grey!

6. Go on a road trip

Ross and Pheobe Friends Taxi

Or on a train trip… a bus trip… anything really! Get a few mates together, and just head off for the day somewhere.. a change of scenery once in a while can make all the difference! Bonus points if you go and visit someone else from uni!

7. Clean out your uni things

Remember June when you told your mum you didn’t need help packing and just rammed everything into a couple of holdalls and 3 bin bags? Yeah.. that’s not gonna be so great come September. You don’t want to be moving into a new house with dirty stuff, spend a day (or two!) going through everything, giving it a good old clean… and maybe even throwing some stuff out. Trust me, you probably won’t need those manky playing cards you’ve been using for Ring of Fire all last year!

8. Start a new hobby

I can tell you wholeheartedly my life got at list 15% better when I took up cross stitch. A hobby is such a nice way to spend your time (especially one like cross stitch that you can still watch Netflix at the same time!), and will be such a good thing to keep up when you go back to uni and the stress starts again so you have an excuse to take a time out!

9. Get in Shape

Wow this is something I wish I’d done! With all that time sat around the house, it’s easy to not think about working out… and plus your gym membership was back in your uni town right? Well, whack on those trainers, and go out for a run! Even a brisk walk for a couple of miles will do you tonnes of good! Got a rusty old bike? Helloooo bike ride! Basically, it’s all about taking advantage of the summer months to get a bit more active before you get back to uni and start eating smart price noodles in your best mates bed as you reminisce about the quad-vod you had the night before.

10. Sharpen up your CV

So! Personal question: when was the last time you updated your CV? When you were applying for jobs during A-Levels? Thought so! It’s good practice (and will save you a lot of effort after graduating) to get into a habit of dusting the cobwebs off of your CV. You’ve got new modules from uni to put on, and not to mention the link to the CV enhancing blog you’ve started, the volunteering you’ve done AND that new part time job you’ve got.. right?!

So there we go, 10 tips that can help beat the boredom this summer! And most  of these things can be done in the day… that means you can be guilt free binge watching Netflix in the evenings, or at least that’s what I’m telling myself!

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