Cross Stitching Inspo

As I may have mentioned, I started cross stitching about a year ago. I’d been searching for something creative to do, something to pass the evening boredom whilst I wasn’t at university. I’ve always been a bit crafty, which I got from my mum – you couldn’t begin to know the embarrassment to have a mum who would make the most elaborate fancy dresses for you out of cardboard boxes!

ANYWAYS, in all honesty, the cross stitching phase began because of Lauren Moreno, aka Plastic Little Covers. I was browsing Etsy, as I often do, because the best way to spark creativity is to see what everyone else is doing, and BAM. I saw this shop full of sassy, book-inspired, sweary cross stitches. So, as it was my best friend’s birthday coming up, I bought a pattern, and spent many long nights getting frustrated at the quality of light in my parents house, and how often i would mess up and above anything, how rubbish the back of my work looked!
But here’s the end result: 10609422_10204138534199267_8573457387354242230_nNot bad for a first effort if i do say so myself!

But basically, I know how overwhelmed I first felt when I started in the big ol world of cross stitching, so I thought I’d put together a post of where I find most of my inspiration, and good patterns or makers that I envy and admire SO much.

Here we go!

  1. Wouldn’t be right, given my faffing earlier, to start with anyone other than Plastic Little Covers, who I think has some of the best cross stitch patterns out there. Check out this one for Shakespeare related cross stitching, this one for some sass, and this final one if you are like me and struggling with that post uni WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE.
  2. This is more of a resource for someone wanting to branch out into making their own patterns, which is pe90ea24c82297ffbd25df27f6c56d1466rfectly easy if you have patience, which I sometimes lack in… ooops. But this pinterest board has so many little floral and decorative pieces, that is really a goldmine for budding cross stitch makers! </br></br></br>
  3. Arguably one of the forerunners in sassy cross stitching (let’s face it, it’s the only type of cross stitching we care about) are the wonderful people over at Subversive Cross Stitch. Says it all in the name really doesn’t it? Tonnes of swearing, adorably cute patterns, their website is truly fantastic! Also, they’ve got a BOOK now, which I will be buying as soon as my overdraft isn’t hanging over my head!
  4. And finally (who says lists need to be top five), my overall favourite place to get any inspiration, but especially for cross stitching (because let’s face it my wedding board isn’t going to be of any use for a while) is Pinterest. This search turns up fantastic results, linking to the best free resources and tutorials that the internet has to offer.

So that’s it, some handy little tips and fave shops from me, to get you inspired to go out and buy some thread and aida cloth and lock yourself in your room cross stitching swear words whilst binging on nexflix. Or is that just my fave hobby?

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