Foals – 60 Million Postcards

There was a ripple around Foals fans when their mini tour was announced, and after last night’s performance it’s clear to see why.

It was a shock, to say the least, when Foals announced that they’d play a select few venues around the country purely because those venues were ridiculously small. Sixty Million Postcards is a hipster haven, it’s mostly a tiny bar which serves odd drinks like strawberry beer and is decorated by………postcards (unsurprising, but still a lovely ambiance is created by all these little mementos over the walls. The band themselves have just sold out the Royal Albert Hall, so the atmosphere in 60mp was electric last night to say the least, filled to the brim with only around 100-200 people lucky enough to get tickets. What they then witnessed was the spectacle that is a live Foals show. Opening with a new song, and peppering the rest of the set with a few songs off the upcoming Holy Fire album, most of which follow the rock-y vibe that can be seen in debut single Inhaler, the band sure know how to get a crowd up and dancing. The crowd went understandably mad to see songs like Red Socks Pugie, and Spanish Sahara; many could feel the body heat of not just the other punters, but of Yannis and the band as they were so close to the stage. Mosh pits and rowdy crowds were only quelled slightly when lead singer and guitarist Yannis Philippakis made his way over the crowd, and paraded up and down the bar, before taking a long crowdsurf back to the stage, everyone surging from all angles to touch a bit of that tiny musician they all love.

An encore showcased their latest single Inhaler and old favourite Two Steps, Twice; the riff of which was being sung during the interlude and by fans for hours afterward the show. There was a sense after the gig had finished, of the crowd turning to each other in a way as if they were all saying as collectively: did that really just happen? 

I think all that witnessed this gig will be more than anticipating the new record, set for release in 2013.

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